i6003 is an effective biobased PHA copolymer modifier for PVC for semi-rigid and rigid PVC compounds.  Offering excellent inherent miscibility in PVC, i6003 enables improved physical properties and processing benefits. This product acts as a process aid and lubricant designed to lower process torque and to improve homogeneity of the compound.  Use of i6003 can substantially increase usage rates of mineral fillers to provide significant improvements in stiffness and rigidity, particularly for building applications.  The use of i6003 has also shown significant processing and property benefits when added to wood filled polymer composite (WPC) formulations with the added benefit of a significant reduction in moisture absorbance. The use of i6003 has been shown to reduce processing costs based on faster fusion rates, changes to the lubrication additives package, and increasing use of fillers in the PVC matrix.

Novel grades of Metabolix PHA copolymers can be created by combining i6002 with i6003 to meet customer specifications in a range of PVC applications