i6002 is an effective, multifunctional, biobased amorphous PHA polymeric modifier for flexible and semi-rigid PVC compounds. The addition of i6002 lowers the modulus and increases the flexibility of PVC compounds while also increasing elongation and toughness of the finished part. This high molecular weight, miscible material, promotes significantly faster fusion giving processing advantages over traditional core-shell impact modifiers. The addition of i6002 to PVC compounds also enables the addition and dispersion of increased levels of mineral filler and improves the processability and physical properties of recycled PVC compounds. This multifunctional modifier allows the overall formulation to be simplified and the additives package to be cost effectively rebalanced. This product acts as a process aid and toughening agent in PVC formulations and is ideal for applications requiring very low migration, extraction and VOC formulation for applications in the packaging, building and construction industries.

Novel grades of Metabolix PHA copolymers can be created by combining i6002 with i6003 to meet customer specifications in a range of PVC applications