Biopolymer Resin Film & Compostable Bags

Metabolix performance biopolymer resins provide brand owners and converters with a unique biobased material combining performance with sustainability.

Biopolymer Films

The compostable bag

market is growing as brand owners and retailers are motivated by regulatory and consumer demand. Compostable bags are the single-largest application use for compostable materials. The driver for this market is the ongoing need to reduce and eliminate organics (food scraps and yard waste) from municipal waste streams and landfills. Our certified compostable Mvera film grades are an ideal use for organic waste diversion.  


To learn more about the benefits of compostable bags, please read our FAQ.


Compostable film and coated paper

have seen increased demand in regions where there are bans on the use of conventional single use plastic bags. These bans are driven primarily by a desire to reduce plastic waste in the environment. Our certified compostable Mvera film grades are a great option for producing retail bags to comply with plastic bag bans.

Metabolix offers the following products:

Product Product Highlights Performance
Mvera™ B5011View Product

Mvera™ B5011 is a certified compostable film grade compound bringing a transparent option to the compostable film and bag market. Metabolix launched B5011 in Fall of 2013.

B5011 adds a transparent film grade to Metabolix’s compostable resin offerings, expanding the potential applications for compostable film and bags. B5011 is a performance biopolymer that will process easily on my conventional film processing equipment. The resultant film offers an excellent mix of qualities including strength and stiffness, printability, and seal strength.  Mvera B5011 is certified compostable by both Vinçotte and BPI.

Mvera™ B5010View Product

B5010 is a compostable film grade ideal for applications in compostable bags where industrial composting is available. Metabolix launched B5010 in Fall of 2013.

B5010 is designed for blown/cast film processing, is suitable for use in coextruded films and blends, and can be processed on most conventional film processing equipment. B5010 offers a good balance of stability, toughness, tear resistance, and seal strength. Mvera B5010 is certified OK-Compost by Vinçotte (EN 13432).